Securing Business Throughout

Every business, no matter how small, should protect itself from the risk to productivity and reputation resulting from spam, spyware and many other internet security threats. From incoming email to outbound mail compliance, anti-spam to bounce verification, remote workers to intrusion prevention, a GMS security solution will help to protect your business information, transactions and customer data.

Whether a single site business or a multinational company, keeping company information and communications secure will make doing business so much easier.

Below, are some of the core security weak spots that can threaten businesses. Make security an integral part of business and enjoy peace of mind.

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Messaging Security

While email communication has become the most mission-critical (online) business application today, the infrastructure with which emails are sent, received and managed has not evolved much in 20 years and thus pose some security risks. GMS' range of messaging security technologies offer new standards and breakthrough services to help clients with the monumental task of managing, protecting, and extending this crucial business communication system.

Creating messaging security solutions to suit your business, GMS combines hardware, sharpened operating systems, application and supporting services to produce high-performance purpose-built, rack-mount server appliances dedicated to combating spam and viruses and protecting enterprise messaging servers from security hackers.

Web-based Security

Web-based (http or https) enterprise traffic ranges from essential business applications and related information to recreational Web content which can open the door for malware, bandwidth-hogging personal applications, and loss of confidential information.

Today, businesses require a Web Security infrastructure to provide their users with a safe and productive Web environment that will allow the good while stopping the bad, both into and out of the organisation - regardless of where their users and applications are located.

GMS works with leading providers of secure content and application delivery products in order to provide a robust and flexible way to control users and protect against Web-based threats - while actually improving Web performance. GMS' solutions are deployed at Internet access points across the distributed organisation, providing an effective solution to control security for all Web applications and content.

Global Multi-tech Solutions | Networking | Web Hosting | IT Solutions | IT Security


Secure, cost-effective and seamless communications between core locations and remote sites and across different countries is a daily requirement. As more businesses turn to virtual private networks (VPNs) based on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to meet their remote access needs. It is becoming clear that SSL-VPN solutions based on a general purpose computing platform are not equipped to meet the demanding requirements of medium to large businesses and service providers. If you have stringent demands for security, user experiences, response times, scalability and greater efficiency, a solution based around a purpose-built SSL-VPN platform will consolidate various access control lists (ACLs) - from firewalls, LAN switches, wireless LAN devices and application security proxies - onto a single VPN system and satisfy your demands with improved security, flexibility, control, performance, productivity and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Intrusion Prevention

Internal and external cyber attacks threaten critical business infrastructures every day. GMS' Intrusion Prevention solution is a hardware platform that can be placed at the perimeter, on internal network segments, at the core or at remote site locations to proactively protect against online security threats.

End Point Security

GMS offers complete visibility and granular control over all business end points. The robust, ultra-secure solutions are intuitive to manage, almost impossible to circumvent and guarantee connectivity and productivity without sacrificing security.

Secure Managed File Transfer Solution

GMS' Secure File Transfer solution provides a centrally managed system for monitoring and managing secure file transfer activity across multiple file transfer sites or applications. Secure Transport allows organisations to meet regulatory compliance mandates, integrate with their current infrastructure, control and manage the transfer of files inside and outside of their organisation. Secure Transport easily integrates with existing IT infrastructure, maximising your IT investment.