Cloud Computing:
The IT Infrastructure Service where Size really does not Matter

Scalable. Agile. Cost-Effective

Cloud Computing has become something of a buzz word in recent years as small, medium and big businesses have adopted this technology service and reaped benefits of scalability, flexibility, on-demand availability, and pay-for-use price transparency.

Just as electricity is a metered service provided by utility companies on a usage basis, Cloud Computing is IT infrastructure delivered as a service.

In its simplest form, (through IP-connectivity) Cloud Computing allows businesses to give its people access to applications that are being deployed in a virtual data center rather than the traditional brick building, with businesses "renting" the software and resources when needed to reduce or avoid expensive hardware purchases and large upfront capital expenditure.

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What makes Cloud Computing so Special?

Nowadays all businesses, irrespective of industry or size are under pressure to deliver faster, cheaper, better or larger volumes making speed to market, right-sizing and cost savings even more important to business success.

Cloud Computing environments have proven extremely invaluable to enabling these elements.

Right-sizing of resources is made easier when at the click of a button a business can easily add, delete, scale up or down resources as needed... as often as is needed, so that the business does not have to over- or under-commit to resources or waste time sourcing for and managing resources. This in turn, has an impact on how quickly projects can be undertaken, tasks completed and products and services can be brought to market.

Third, one of the most popular arguments for Cloud Computing is cost efficiency. And whether you are hoping to reduce expenditure, get more for your money, completely remove a cost you would otherwise have to pay or avoid (large) upfront capital outlays, Cloud Computing can deliver cost efficiencies.

Global Multi-tech Solutions | Networking | Web Hosting | IT Solutions | Cloud Computing

There are possible reductions in hardware, reductions in real estate previously used to host data centers, reductions in associated utility costs needed to power and cool computer infrastructure, reductions in maintenance related costs because applications are no longer installed on each user's PC or computing device and requiring individual interaction.

Reducing the maintenance workload can also lead to a reduction in labour costs, with the added benefitbeing better utilisation of technical and skilled staff as many operations are streamlined through Cloud Computing’s autonomic (self-managed) systems.

Rarely does a technology solution truly offer businesses and users so much. Cloud Computing allows businesses to streamline their processes and respond to changing needs quickly, cost-effectively and as frequently as needed.

For any business where service matters, Cloud Computing's service-oriented nature makes it worthy of consideration.

Whether you are a small, medium or large organisation, Contact GMS to find out how Cloud Computing can help to add value to your business.