Our Milestone

Established in 1999, we setup our Headquarter in Singapore and an office over in Malaysia. We now operated across Asia and were the first to introduce Array Network Products, Ironport and N-able to Singapore.

GMS Milestone

We help clients plan, build, support and secure their IT infrastructures. As an experienced systems integrator, we are able to offer a full range of IT services, from auditing to completely revamping your IT set-up to integrated management and maintenance of your IT systems so you get the most out of your applications, reduce ‘time to market’ cycles and your business operates more effectively.

The broad range of services we provide is outlined in the table below:



Strategy & Design

Implementation & Development



meg.png Application Security

Security and Process Control Reviews

Security Architecture &  Design

Security Integration & Development

Vulnerability Assessment


Functional Security Testing

meg.png Network & System Security

Assessment & Review Services

Secure Network & Systems Architecture

Security Product Implementation & Training

Vulnerability Assessment

Remote Vulnerability Assessment


Penetration Testing

Security Operations

meg.png Security

Security Management Reviews

Security Strategy & Roadmap

Rollout Support & Training


Organizational Risk assessment

Security Policy & Process Development

meg.png Business

Assessment & Review Services

Plan &  Process Development

Implementation Support & Training

Testing Support

meg.png Identity &
Access Management

Identity Management Consulting & Design

Rollout & Deployment

Authentication Certification Support & Testing

Managed Operations


Authentication Architecture & Design